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Domain Name

Q.What is a domain name?
A. Just like door plates on the Internet, domain names are layer structured character identifiers used to identify and locate online computers, corresponding to the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of certain computers. Comparing with IP addresses, domain names are more convenient for users to memorize. Domain name is one of fundamental Internet services, based on which application services such as www, email and FTP can be provided.

What are the principles for registering .CN domain names?
You may register a CN domain name with not more than 63 English letters containing A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and hyphen (-). Capital and small letters are equivalent.

Q.Why to register .CN domain name?
A.CN domain names hold following advantages:
It is a distinct identifier, representing registrants' value and orientation;
It has abundant naming space, much easier for people to obtain a satisfied domain name;
It complies with Chinese laws, which can fully protect users' interests;
All its services are provided in Chinese language, which may protect users' right to know;
It has simple and convenient registration procedures;
It is more secured in use;
It is in favor of maintaining the information security of national networks.

Q.What kinds of domain names can be registered?
A. Second level domain names: domain names that are registered directly under .CN top level domain, e.g. Mips-china.cn.
Advantages: simple and short, easy to be memorized, represents the concept of "China".
Third level domain names: domain names that are registered under second level domains, such as .com.cn and .net.cn.
The third level domain is composed of two categories. One is called Generic domains, which are classified by characteristics of different industries. They are namely:
AC for academic institutions
COM for Industrial, commercial, financial enterprises
EDU for educational institutions
GOV for government departments
NET for networks, NICs and NOCs
ORG for non-for-profit organizations

You may select corresponding generic domain to register and use your third level domain name, e.g. Mips-china.ac.cn.
Another category is called Administration Area domains, which represent administrative districts in China and comply with national standard promulgated by former National Technology Bureau. The category is composed of 34 administrative district names, corresponding with names of domestic provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. For example, an institute in Beijing can register abc.bj.cn.

 Q.Is there any restriction for registering domain names?
A.All registered domain names must not contain the following contents:
1) Those that are against the basic principles prescribed in the Constitution;
2) Those jeopardize national security, leak state secrets, intend to overturn the government, or disrupt of state integrity;
3) Those harm national honor and national interests;
4) Those instigate hostility or discrimination between different nationalities, or disrupt the national solidarity;
5) Those violate the state religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstition;
6) Those spread rumors, disturb public order or disrupt social stability;
7) Those spread pornography, obscenity, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigate crimes;
8) Those insult, libel against others and infringe other people's legal rights and interests; or
9) Other contents prohibited in laws, rules and administrative regulations.

Q.How to register a .CN domain name?
A.Based on the principle of "first come, first serve", the registrant shall sign online (or written) registration agreement with the selected registrar. According to the agreement, the registrant shall comply with the latest Internet-related laws and regulations, including but not limited to "China Internet Domain Name Regulations" and all other regulations promulgated by the authority department;The registrant shall also ensure the verity, nicety and integrity of the registration information he/she submitted.
Fill in the application form for domain name registration.
For registering .gov.cn domain names:
.gov.cn is only available for government departments to register. Besides online registration process, the applicant shall also submit following written material:
1) The application form for domain name registration with official seal of registrant organization.
2) Relative material that may prove its identity of government department.

What domain name shall I register?
A.We recommend you using the following information to decide your domain name:
Chinese/English abbreviation of the organization name;
Registered trade mark of the enterprise;
Slogan or advertising words;
Simple and interesting names, such as hello, howareyou, yes, 168, etc.

Q.If the domain name I intend to apply had been registered by others, what shall I do?
A.If your applied domain name had been registered by other people, you may:
1) add additional hyphen, letters or numbers to make a new name;
2) negotiate with the registrant in person;
3) judge the domain name owner through dispute resolution procedures.
Q. How to deal with domain name disputes?
A. Any organization or individual may claim on domain name dispute(s) to dispute resolution institution, when they deem their own legal rights and interests being breached by certain domain name registered by others. You may consult with either of the two domain name dispute resolution institutions in details. i.e. China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Center and Hong Kong International Arbitration Center.

Q.What issues should be addressed after registering a domain name?
A.Renew the domain name on schedule:
The domain name operation and management fee needs to be paid annually to the registrar; the Renew the domain name on schedule:
The domain name operation and management fee needs to be paid annually to the registrar; the regulation sets the renew deadline the same with the application date. CNNIC will cease resolving a domain name if the name fails to be renewed before the deadline; if no one renews the name in the next 15 days, it will be deleted from CNNIC database.
Inform the registrar of any changes on the registration information in a timely manner;
Preserve all passwords provided by the registrar, which is useful for changing your registration information and even the registrar.

Q.How to use a domain name?
A.Establish an independent email system, making the domain name address available for all staff in the company to receive/send emails;
Establish a homepage based on the domain name;
Make promotions by post the homepage address on advertisements or name cards.

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