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Q.What is Internet Keyword?

A.Internet Keyword, a newly emerged technique for visiting network names, is a convenient way to realize the visitation of the browser by establishing a corresponding relationship between Internet Keyword and URL. You only need to use the language you are familiar with to tell the browser the address of the Internet Keyword you want to go.

Q.What kind of characters can be used for Internet Keyword?

A. Internet Keyword can be composed of Chinese characters, alphabets (A-Z, a-z, no matter capitalized or not), numeric (0-9) or symbols (-,!), and cannot exceed 31 characters (each constituting element is regarded as one character).

Q.What are the edges of Internet Keyword?

A newly emerged technology for visiting an URL;
Supported by the country authoritative domain registration management organization;
Directly access the homepage or web pages of the website;
Easy download of client-end, simple access to the website;
Full support from known portals, value-added set service for website promotion;
Extension of brands from real world to the virtual world.

Q.What is the relationship among Internet Keyword, domain names and URL?

A.These are three different concepts, among which the most fundamental one is the domain name. Therefore, if you want to register an Internet Keyword, you must first register your domain name, e.g. Abc.com.cn, then direct the Internet Keyword to the URL which is on the basis of domain names, e.g. www.abc.com.cn (or abc.com.cn), then submit it to the registrar, thus the Internet Keyword can point to the website you provide.

Q.What is the Difference between Internet Keyword, Chinese Domain Name, and .CN Domain Name?

A.Internet Keyword is a newly arisen technique for visiting network names. It is a convenient way to realize the visitation of the browser by establishing a corresponding relationship between Internet Keyword and URL. It's an access technology based on DNS. Chinese domain name and CN domain name belong to domain name system; Chinese domain name is a domain name system that meets international standard with its usage familiar with English domain name. As one type of domain name, it can be resolved through DNS, supporting services such as virtual host and Email.




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